(914) 937-2904
123 Halstead Avenue
Harrison, NY 190528
Piero's Restaurant
123 Halstead Avenue
Harrison, NY 190528
(914) 937-2904

We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
I had an extraordinary experience at this spot. We enjoyed the fantastic ambience and the food. The staff members were very attentive. I’m glad we finally managed to visit here.
Jeffrey Milligan
Excellent food great service and best happy hour!
Drea Molina
One of my favorites. Superior food, friendly service, casual atmosphere, average prices.
Jeffrey Brown
Food was delicious, great place wonderful people. Can't wait to go again.
Maria Molina
Absolutely love Piero's. The food is fantastic, it's a cozy atmosphere and the owners are so nice.
Katie Bakunas
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